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We’re building a movement of interdependence. We start with personal transformation by teaching skills of connection, compassionate inquiry, and intentional practice in our closest relationships. The seeds we plant grow outward into community networks of resilience and mutualism, cultivating emergent change for collective liberation.

“The drop of water maketh a hole in the stone, not with violence, but by oft falling.” - Lucretius

Our approach is intersectional, embodied, emotional, trauma-informed, abolitionist, non-binary, and depth-oriented. This is heart and soul work for intergenerational healing and a more just world.


Sam (she/they) is a dancer, facilitator, and educator who fosters a culture of inclusion, bodily autonomy, and interdependent care. With a focus on body-mind connection and a trauma-informed lens, they hold space for somatic, experiential learning in their workshops. They’re a Southwest Love Fest presenter, Certified Authentic Consent Facilitator with the Atlanta Institute of Tantra, an alumni of the Consent for Educators Program with Consent Wizardry, and a lifelong learner. Their work is informed by experiences in queer and "in-between" identities, including in bisexual, gender-expansive, queer-relating, mixed race, Vietnamese-American, and cross-cultural communities.


Evvvergreen, MPH (they/them) is an educator and researcher who has been polyamorous and part of the BDSM community for the better part of a decade. They are passionate about health equity, reducing stigma, and pleasure- and consent-focused sex education as a tool for better relationships and public health. Their drive to share and educate comes from the belief that interconnected communities flourish when we have the tools to understand ourselves and communicate effectively.  Evvvergreen is a white, queer, gray-ace, kinky, polyamorous, nerd and dog parent.

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