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Level up your consent practice: beyond the binary

We’ve come a long way from “no means no” to “yes means yes” consent, but don’t stop there! In this workshop, we’ll deconstruct binary enthusiastic consent, and you’ll be guided to map your experiences onto your own Yes-To-No Spectrum (concept by Consent Wizardry). We’ll also cover body language and spoken communication, and you’ll be invited to participate in partnered, somatic skill-building exercises based loosely on the Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin. These skills will help you deepen your consent practice to both reduce harm and build mutually caring, joyful relationships.

Mind-body healing: stress, trauma, and the nervous system

Elevate your self-care practice and learn about how stress and trauma are held in the body. This workshop will give you an overview of polyvagal theory, common stress/trauma responses (fight, fight, freeze, and more), and how to recognize different states of the nervous system. Trauma is so common and often misunderstood - if you don’t have trauma yourself, chances are that you know and love someone that does! You’ll learn entry-level grounding exercises for self-regulation or co-regulation that you can use to nurture more supportive relationships.

Future workshops

New workshops are in development! Please reach out if you’re interested in any of the following topics:

The gift of community care: how healthy boundaries can help us give and receive generously

"Am I normal?" What asexuality can teach us about attraction, orientation, intentional relationships, and society

Empathy in action: building trust and intimacy through emotional attunement

Trust, conflict, and repair: building and maintaining strong social connections

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